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For online payments, simply click on the PayPal or Venmo logos below and type in my email address:
meredithmendes@yahoo.com in the "To" field:

Text, call, or email if you want to make an appointment. 

THANK YOU for your patronage!

Visit the Healing Garden - offering a wide

array of services including

Rewind Therapy to free you from PTSD, trauma,

deep-seated fears/phobias, and self limiting beliefs

• intuitive guidance (on line or in person readings);

• Reiki and intuitive Reiki;

• guided visualization/Hypnosis for Healing

• empowerment groups for health and wellness.


Payable via Paypal by typing in my email address, meredithmendes@yahoo.com as the payee.  Send me an email.  Make sure to write READING as the subject, to make sure I get it.  I need your DOB or sign and a photo as I read energy.  I do a general reading then answer questions.  Please be specific; if asking about a person/relationship I need at least a first name and what to ask/focus on.  DOB or sign also helps.  It helps to know something about you to get a handle on you energetically, perhaps your area of focus or why you want the reading, or even what your goals are.   You will receive the reading in 24-72 hours from receipt of your photo; information and payment.

Call 401-749-5058 for an appointment -

WALKS-INS also welcome!

7 Centre Street, Rumford RI 02916
Call today for an appointment: 401-749-5058