7 Centre Street, Rumford RI 02916. PHONE: 401-749-5058 (Meredith)
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Meredith Easton Mendes has run the Healing Garden in East Providence, RI

since 2003 offering intuitive guidance and alternative healing.  Services include Reiki;

intuitive readings; hypnosis for healing/guided visualization: Rewind therapy and empowerment

groups for health and wellness. Meredith is certified in Hypnosis with a specialty in Emotional

Healing and recently completed her certification in REWIND therapy, a safe, painless way to

remove trauma, deep-seated fears - even self limiting beliefs without having to relive trauma. 

She has 5+ years' work experience in the mental health field and has spent several years'

researching the mind/body connection and the healing process as a way to heal herself from

several chronic health issues.  Her focus is on helping others tap into their highest potential,

to access inner resources and innate healing ability for all aspects of life.

7 Centre Street, Rumford RI 02916
Call today for an appointment: 401-749-5058

Alternative therapies offered in an accessible and comfortable professional setting.

Call today for an appointment: 401-749-5058