7 Centre Street, Rumford RI 02916. PHONE: 401-749-5058 (Meredith)
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Meredith will return to the office

for in-person appts in mid-August... (14th)

Text, call, or email if you want to make an appointment. 

She also has resumed email readings. 

THANK YOU for your patience and patronage!



Payable via Paypal by typing in my email address, meredithmendes@yahoo.com as the payee.  Send me an email.  Make sure to write READING as the subject, to make sure I get it.  I need your DOB or sign and a photo as I read energy.  I do a general reading then answer questions.  Please be specific; if asking about a person/relationship I need at least a first name and what to ask/focus on.  DOB or sign also helps.  It helps to know something about you to get a handle on you energetically, perhaps your area of focus or why you want the reading, or even what your goals are.   You will receive the reading in 24-72 hours from receipt of your photo; information and payment.


The Rewind Technique is a tried-and-tested approach to treating trauma.
COST: $65 per session           
Approx. each session approx 1.5 hours


including Intuitive Readings; Soul Card Readings;  and Tarot Card readings all available, along with Energy Readings during Reiki. Focus is on guidance and empowerment, available options versus “set in stone” predictions.
COST: $30/half hour           
$60/ full hour


TRY THE “HEALING GARDEN SPECIAL” a 1/2 hour Intuitive/Tarot/Soul Card reading followed by 1/2 hour Reiki session/energy for the best of both worlds: relaxation and rebalancing of your energy field in addition to guidance. 

COST: $60/hour


including Inner Child Healing; Meeting Inner Guide; Dialoguing with Symptoms/Problem; Chakra Voyage, and other topics upon request. Same prices as for Reiki, above.

For online payments using
PayPal, simply click on the
PayPal logo below and type
in my email address:
meredithmendes@yahoo.com in the "To" field:

Alternative therapies offered in an accessible and comfortable professional setting.

7 Centre Street, Rumford RI 02916
Call today for an appointment: 401-749-5058

Call today for an appointment: 401-749-5058