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(taken from emails/correspondence that I have received with names deleted to protect the identity of the senders. THANKS!)

Hello Meredith, Thank you so much again.  I keep reading and re-reading all you have written….You have such a gift. I just still find it extraordinary that you have never met me and yet have touched parts that were buried. Much gratitude and love, S. 

Hi Meredith.. I got the reading and I have been in absolute awe and very emotional at how accurate you were with everything. I am still processing all you have written, but the fact that you heard the song, "X" had me burst into tears. I'll explain later.. But basically it represents "home" to me which is stt at the moment, where my heart is. I am currently living (far away from home) and for some reason I thought I told you, but when I re read my email of qsts to you, I realized I hadn't….Like I said been very teary and emotional... But definitely will be in touch in a bit to let you know how accurate you were.. Thank you so much for this.. It's all validating the emotions I have been going through.   I don't quite understand how anyone who doesn't even know me can "see" so much.. But I am grateful that you have such an amazing gift which you share.  I will be in touch soon to explain.. S.

Hi Meredith, Thank you so much for the reading,…I have to say I think I have read it 3 or 4 times already , trying to process the info and understanding it. It was fascinating….There were so many points that you hit on , I laughed at some and I won't lie , I also cried with some. It was just so real.,,,,You saw my husband with an image of a military flag around him, he served in the army for 26 yrs, just retired 7 yrs. ago . Still unsettled , still misses the military…. There is so much info here ,i'm trying to wittle it down so I'm not bombbarding you with questions. This is actually my first (reading). You read my children like you knew them, X always good at what he did no matter what it was, life was a game to him. Y his finances always getting the best of him, he just took on a second job to try and dig himself out a little, make things a little easier. Z rebellious and fiery as they come . You saw a move, she just made a move (across the country) for her job just before christmas…Both my husband and I laughed because you made reference to an image of ice cream with our marriage, my husband DOES NOT miss his nightly ice cream. Too funny! …. I thank you again for such a fascinating read, M.

Thanks again! :)Hi Meredith, Wow. Amazing. There is so much for me to process, but I Iove it!  I read through the entire email and you have given me SO much to think about.  I would like to take some time considering what you have shared with me, and probably follow up with some more specific questions…. You have provided me with so much interesting and useful information, I really appreciate it. Once I have my questions formulated I would love to do a follow up reading with you. Thank you so much!! R.

 Hi, Meredith.  Your insight is dead on... I've been considering a move to Colorado as well as getting involved in habitat for humanity or something of that nature. I fell in love with traveling a few years ago while living in France. I want to talk to you more when I can sit at a computer instead of using my phone And these tiny touch screen buttons lol :) I keep thinking of new details each time I read it that are more specific to what you saw.  Thanks so much, E.

 Again thank you! Meredith,  Wow.  Wow is the only word I have to describe how I feel right now.  The fact that you threw the name X out there and said that you were hearing it quite loudly is the craziest thing.  X is an ex-boyfriend of mine from 10 years ago who has brown hair and blue eyes....so crazy that you even mentioned that part.  We only dated for 2 months, but I was so devastated when we broke up.  I dated a guy for 2 years and wasn't nearly as emotional about our break up as I was about X.  He was/is everything that I was looking for in a guy….Oddly enough, I was just looking at pictures of him yesterday.  When I imagine settling down with someone, I think of him.   Not so much that it's him, it's just someone like him.  Wow.  That whole thing just really really surprised me. A.

Hi Meredith!  Your reading was spot on! I have to admit I was a little skeptical but there are some details that there is just no way you could have known!  A

You are so right on about EVERYTHING!!! Like you've known me inside and out for my whole life!!! Thank you sooo much. I really needed to hear all this!!! It is a tremendous help and encouragment... Although scary as if like you said I'm not ready and must not do anything rash or impulsive right now! Thank you SO much!!! You are amazing at what you do! Seriously everything about (me and the two men) was described to a T!!! Thank you again Lots of love L

 Meredith, thank you so much for that reading.  It summed things up really well.  I had to laugh a few times as I was reading because of some things that you said that were right on.  When you mentioned the rings and said "platinum/silver, not gold" it really explained how I am with things.  I always tell my friends how I see my wedding bands as silver or platinum and absolutely not gold! I do tend to start relationships off the wrong way like you had said….I really really enjoyed this reading. Thank you again!  This was excellent! A.

 Hi Meredith. Wow.  The reading was spot on.  I am still digesting, but will be in touch. Thanks so much, J.

 Hi Meredith, I just had an amazing phone call with  X- I think you were spot on about him. He just basically challenged me to figure out what I am really good at and then find a way to get the highest value from it. He made me feel great and a little scared that I can't live up to his expectations. But I really want to and will try! I also reduced (my son’s) schedule - starting in two weeks - he is is really excited about it. I know it's the right thing for both of us. I can't thank you enough - this has been an really wonderful experience:) I've told some friends about you - is it ok if I give them your contact info? Big hugs, J.

Hey girl!  You are awesome per usual!!!!  K.

Meredith- This was very enlightening and gave me a lot of peace and hope. …such a wonderfully detailed picture you paint… it was so beautifully written….You read in a very special way.  Thank you for sharing your gift. L

 The reading blew me away.  I always listen to the song (that you mentioned) because it reminds me of X. I even sent him the song a few months ago.  I do not see us getting back together because I do not think he recognizes what he did to me.  and as you said, he has not changed.  You were right on for all of it.  Thank you so much.xoxo J

Hi Meredith -  I found the reading really interesting! I keep re-reading it and find new things in it each time. Thanks again, M.

 Thank you so much for all of this powerful and helpful information.  It gives me strength and courage.  This really did help clarify things for me….I continue forward...  With all this amazing insight you gave me, I hope to find the courage and strength to move through this period of my life with grace and dignity. Thank you for your help. S.

Thanks so much Meredith. I truly feel like you understand, and that makes the situation that much better, Love, E. 

WOW Meredith!! You amaze me! Right on it....I love it! I will be taking it in and if I have any follow up questions I will let you know! You hit some some stuff right on....I don't think I even need to provide his name as you tapped right into it without it! AMAZING! L

Meredith, my Friend X referred me. He was very happy with his reading, and I have witnessed a huge change in his lifestyle, he seems so much more at ease with his life now. J

hi meredith !!thank u so much !! The rabbit that you c for me, you say means pregnancy,its bcuz I am pregnant and having a baby girl on June 19th. The person that protects my sister and me, its my mother who die in 1992, she was murdered and we never found out who killed her...so was very horrible for all of us! thank you very much for your insight. M

The reading I got from you was incredible! What struck me the most was how well you nailed our friendship as well as that I am going into the field of law. I was accepted to law school for the upcoming fall, although I'm not sure if I am ready yet like you said. Additionally with X, he has been looking at jobs (abroad) which could be why you saw him relocating somewhere…..I am so grateful for what you were able to tell me. B

Meredith, Thanks so much for the reading - lots of interesting things to ponder and a few things made me laugh as they were so spot on!   Warmly, M.

Hi Meredith.  Thank you for all of the readings that you have done for my family and friends.  You have made such an amazing difference in all of their lives.  I think your reading saved my aunt 10 years of therapy!  I know that in any reading there are many possible interpretations of symbols and images  - I am just so impressed with how amazingly accurate you have been with all of my family and friends - and I really do want to be honest with myself and face the truth of my life rather than live in denial. L

Meredith, I thought it was interesting that you urged me to stay in my relationship for now. It's crazy that you knew that without me even telling you that I was in a relationship! That ensured me that you knew I am not ready to leave it, and not sure if I even want to leave...I have a desire to be truly known and loved unconditionally but fear that I won't find someone wh0 does, or that I won't love them back...fear of failure...upset...divorce, L.

IOut of all the words you could have used, (that one) hits the nail on the head. We have contacted each other via text but it's very brief and the responses have a lot of "restraint" behind them. I appreciate your reading it has helped me look at a lot of things from a different view!! S

Hi Meredith, Thank you so very much.  The reading was very true.  My little guy holds my hand all the time.  I am havng a hard time right now as I have a (disease) that hit my spinal cord and I need a wheelchair to get around.   Everything you said about me is so true.......You are so right about me and I will try hard to put myself first and find that thing that will make ME happy. Thank you again and I will be calling again in the future. C

 Wow! A lot to think about!..... I like your idea,of getting involved with at risk kids and their families could do that with the real estate venture on the side, what do u think?. my husband is in real estate and i have my license and last week he suggested that i look for a home that we could fix up and flip or rent out so i think it may relate to some of your “home” visions.... the reason i have not been active in real estate is i am not comfortable with the sales aspect but this project would not require this. Another thing i found interesting is when you mention going into homes to assess maybe along the lines of social work but not as a social worker, not sure how to go about that though. The broken heart thing ….could be my fathers death which was 12 years ago i think about him often. Very interested if you u can sense what my dad feels about things, he did not die suddenly but it has been to this day most tragic loss and I always wonder if he is happy because I don't think he was ready to go. Had a lot of unfinished business. Thanks so much, K.

 Meredith - Thank you so  much for the reading!  Your intro made me laugh!  Reminded me of when I traveled abroad in France and we took a day trip and chugged wine out of the bottle in the park.  You seemed to have grasped my personality! ....Thank you.  This process has been so cool (for lack of a better adjective)!! Thanks!! xo K

 Hi Meredith! Im doing Better than I was. Partly, im certain, because of some of the validations from your reading. Sitting with uncertainty can be unsettling.. But trying to take it in and go with it. ~S.

Hello Meredith..thanks for the consultation.. On Thursday night he came to see me just like you said and we get back together one more time.And yes I need to let go. I'm confused about this relationship and I don't know if I'm happy or what.But, why I'm so afraid to let go knowing that this isn't the best for me.And just now I got mad with him again….but I agree with almost everything that you said and how you described it. Thanks, R

 Hello...Thanks Meredith, I feel that you are my guide now. I'm so happy because with these answers I know what to expect, try to get ready for the different things that are coming. Some of them will not be so easy but at least I'm not in the dark. I have confidence in you and I will keep in touch with you at all times. Thank you for everything! R.

Hi Meredith! I did get the reading and it is greatly appreciated…..the imagery is pretty spot on, i can see me being pretty closed as far as men go. and drying out, trying to accept...your image of fall….the dandelion and the daisy, the imagery is beautiful and the cycle seems like a fit for me, but i am confused of how it will ever come about. we shall see i guess.  hearts in buckets, m

Thank you so much….just have to tell you too funny you saw son X flipping a pancake! Lol He is a fabulous cook and already makes a mean homemade pancake! Haha.. Thanks again and will pass your name along if you don’t mind!   E.

 Hi Meredith, I received your CD a week or so ago. I forgot to email you and Thank you! I've enjoyed it.. It really relaxes me to the point I fall asleep listening to it.. Again, thank you.  All my best, C

 hi meredith!! i want u to know that i just took 3 pregnancy test and they came back +... if im calculating correctly im due on halloween.. maybe thats y u saw a pumpkin for me!... i will keep u posted... thank u!!! N.

 THANK YOU thank you thank you this has been so very helpful for me in gaining some clarity...I will be in touch!  Much love gratitude  and blessings, K.

Hi Meredith, I got my reading and found it very interesting, and was quite honestly surprised at how much I could relate. This being my first experience with anything like this, wasnt quite sure what to expect. What I did find interesting was that I did live with my ex  for about 2.5 yrs, which you had touched upon and also saw him with the home theme.  X and I have a complex relationship, and alot of mixed feelings..funny enough, you mention "third-party" interference in our relationship, which was pretty acurate as he had started showing interest in sexual relations with other people outside our relationship. Also felt that timing was off with my relationship with him, which you do pin point at certain points. With Y, your reading was also quite accurate, him being sort of "OCD" like, having somewhat odd tendancies and I also get the feeling from him of having conflict with attachment/love. Strange enough, his mother passed away early last year, so when  you mention having some type of 'mother energy' around him, need to be nurtured, it really seemed to make sense. I have certainly had some reservations about him, but on the same token, feel some type of connection and see potential...so very interesting….thank you, J

Meredith, I got the reading and am absolutely okay with it-it helps soooo much!.  I am still processing all the information and may have some questions after I fully digest it.  Thank-you so much for your insight and vision.  It truely helps and validates my feelings and concerns. Talk soon, S.

 Meredith Thank You. I really love the reading and thank you from my heart.  Much love and blessing to you.  S

 You really nailed it with the man lighting the match to the house where I live - metaphorically…..It has been an ongoing struggle with him for some time now and is likely the defeat to which you referred in the reading.  Yes, a move is definitely imminent in the next few months….You also were on point as it pertains to my relationship with X. (and with)… my daughter….the male conflict is around her dad.  And she works for a private chef, so there is the restaurant piece.  Thanks again. Peace K,

Thank you Meredith, this is really great!  Right on, but to be honest, hard.  It is hard to think that I could have gotten so involved w/someone so unstable and been in such denial about it(….But if I need to be done, I so want to be done-now- unceremoniously so that I can move on!.....The greatest part was to hear you say that I'm supposed to have the house…. thank you so much….this  is my vision, but I will really need a big breakthru miracle to make it happen... and it's so wonderful to hear you say that you see these bright colors of yellow and green-I glanced up from reading your words to look at the photo of the house-which is yellow and green!!!!  Anyway, thank you so much Meredith!!!! Thanks again and again! love, K,

This has a been a really wonderful experience - thanks you so so much Meredith.J,

Thanks Meredith!  I did lose a pregnancy, ectopic, before I got pregnant with my daughter.  I lost the pregnancy at 5 weeks and it was a huge trial for us, so we were especially thrilled to get pregnant again.  We did get pregnant easily both times, so the guidance to be careful until we're ready is very pertinent. :)  Also, my husband and I do have a very close bond as you said.  We were friends before we started dating which has given us strength through the inevitable tough times.  We play well off each other and we're both very outgoing.   My husband is itching in his career, as you said.  He is anxious to move up, but I think he feels a little stifled in his current position.  However, he doesn't quite feel ready to make a move.  We are currently making our 5 year plans and trying to figure out where we may be in that time.  Arizona (which you mentioned) has come up several times.  My daughter is quite a talker already!  My husband jokes that she gets that from me.  You saw her being musical.  My husband is very musical so she would probably get that from him.  Also, we have a dog like you described (white with brown spots).  Not sure about a woman with R, everything else made sense. Thanks so much….K.

Hey, Meredith… you answered my question on Gambling. I did win a car once back 1998. You hit the nail on the Head I did 26 years in The US army and have traveled all over. I retired from the military in 2005 went in 1979 NOV.….you did Mention alot about my brother X  and it's true the woman was his future wife that passed away 1992 from cancer it's been down hill for him since….Also on My Brother John…the way you described it …. that's the way his life is going. Thanks J,

 Meredith, This has been wonderful!  You are very talented.  Some of my friends may be contacting you in the near future.  I hope that's ok. :) Wonderful to meet you, J.

Hi, Meredith, I am a bit freaked out because things seemed to work out the way you were feeling they would..thank you! I'll be in touch. A

Meredith....I can't explain what you did for me as I read this email reading. I miss my father so much more than I EVER thought I would, so much growth and change happened after he died...he is so present in our lives and so very much missed...I understhood everything you said about him and X, who I really do believe is my soul mate. He does carry a heavy load and he does have a desire for things he hasn't been able to achieve. He does close himself off. He shuts me out but lets me in...I love him in a way I've never loved anyone...I feel like I knew him before I actually met him. We are close and what you say is true. The little girl you describe is his daughter. As for (location mentioned), I was born and raised there, I live close to that hotel (that you mentioned). My gosh Meredith I feel like I've known you forever..I appreciate your gift and what you have shared with me. S

WOW this definitely helps BIG TIME...I will keep you posted. THANKS SO MUCH!!! C

Hi Meredith. The reading makes TOO much sense, actually. LIMBO is the exact word I use for how I feel right now and how I have been feeling. Thank you so much. Your words are always so powerful and inspiring, J

I was brought to tears, but thrilled.  What an amazing reading.  I even read it to (my husband).  Thank you so much Meredith.  I am grateful for the attention, intention and insight.  I am so glad to be connecting with you Meredith.  A

Hello Meredith, thanks u very much for ur reading it is beautiful everything that u said.  I was surprised with everything that you told me a month ago.  You were right about my mom, being very sick.  She pass away last Wednesday, thank God I did what u told me to do…I was always in contact with her, I call her more after your reading, anyway we always had a very good communication, my mom and I were very good friends.  I feel calm because I know she is better where she is now,, I just feel that way. And yes X did just call me today when someone give him the news about my mom, we didn’t talk about our relationship in the past, we talked in a very nice way and I feel good that I know we can’t be together but at least we can talk like friends.  I also met someone, his name is Y, he is Greek and is almost exactly like the guy you told me about…yes he is older and yes he work alott…thank you so much, K

 Hi Meredith, do you remember my girlfriend..,X?.  You probably don't remember, but she was in the middle of a move and was stressed. Anyway, you told her that within six to twelve months that she will get a boy baby, and it will happen very fast.  Well guess what?  She adopted a boy in Aug!  Her brother in law who is an OBGYN found a young woman who wanted to give her baby up for adoption.  So he called her, and within days, she went to Texas and got the baby.  She is amazed that you predicted this.  CRAZY!!!! Where is my prediction, lol? H

Meredith, I think I forgot to tell you something very cool about your reading.  You got an image of me “with this fancy tea set, something that has been in the family for years.." I know you said you've gotten this image before (and it’s metaphorical), but I  wanted to say that the dishes I use in my home were my great grandma's china set.  I also just inherited my grandmas china set (although I do not use those).  Just thought it was bizarre that you said that.  I do not use the tea cups as they are WAY too small.... (as you mentioned), although I have taken a shot out of them before (sacriligious?. I almost do not want to do another reading as my first one was so great. How do you get your visions feelings?  Have you always had this gift? Talk to you soon, J

 Thank you so much for helping me…for listening…for comforting me.   This brought me comfort and a reality check.  ALL WILL BE FINE and I MUST TRUST!  Thank you Meredith!!!  S

Hi Meredith. I think it might be helpful for you to know that X took her own life...I need to re-read the reading a few times but some of it is startingly apt. I am going to copy a journal entry I wrote last week about her as it might make sense to you. Thank you. I would like to make an appointment as well, G

Hi Meredith. Thank you very much for being so insightful and descriptive, especially the tree and butterfly metaphors. I read it several times and am sure I will re-read it again and again to furtehr digest it all. Once again, thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. J

Wow, everyone who I know that has gone to you has nothing but great things to say. I still think you are the best of all the readers. I think a huge part of that is because of the DETAIL you give and that's what people want to hear, and those accurate details validate that you are the real thing and not some phony - S

You rock as always! A

Holy crap, wow, wow, oh wowy wow ha ha ha...It takes a lot to blow my mind, but that reading did for sure...that reading was INTENSE..but in a great way. I would hug you but can't via email, so...pheww....that was WOW factor. HUG, thanks again, H

Hi Meredith, I read your email reading at work today and shared parts of it with my husband. Thank you! We are SO grateful for our gift!! It WILL be okay! Best, A

You are so on point!!! E

Hi Meredith, wow! Such an amazing intense reading. Thank you so much for your guidance and expressing your gift and sharing it not only with me, but with the world.... I am still digesting and processing the reading to be totaly honest with you. It resonates with me big time and I thank you for that. I appreciate your time and gift Meredith. Much love, P

Hi Meredith,  You brought me so much needed peace....I gently whispered some of your messages to my mom today. She smile and asked me if you spoke spanish.  She seemed a bit relieved but I saw her sadness.  My father's death hit me hard....I saw him every morning and that morning I didn't. I walked out of my house saw that he moved my car felt this sweet touch like I never felt before and wanted to go hug him and say goodbye but it would have made me late. So I didn't.  He died of a massive heart attack. NO good byes just died  in his sleep. I took care of every detail for the funeral and I forgot nothing but the last three years I felt heart broken with his loss. I miss him more than I ever thought.  just read your message and it gave me back a sense of hope, my heart healed a little and I felt stronger... Thank you Meredith...really....you are a blessed angel of GOD put on the earth to helps us al heal. Funny but I didn't realize I am a FB fan of your business until I got the pay pal bill for my reading. SO happy to support such a wonderful person!  Much, love, S

 HI Meredith!  So funny about X and I! We always say that we are sisters from another mother in this lifetime but it totally makes sense that we were twins in a past lifetime.  This news will tickle her PINK!!!! LOL! As for my father, you brought me to tears just now as I read your first insight. I am sorry for your loss as well. It is terrible when it is so sudden. I DO believe that he is with me and pulls pranks on me sometimes, that is his character and sense of humor (something I found annoying but dearly miss at the same time). I have always had this "Dad, I love you but you drive me crazy" attitude but now I miss him so much on so many other levels that I never truly appreciated when he was here…… As for the red bird, can you shed some more light on that? I will explain more later. I love you so much for being able to share your gift and knowledge that you receive. I am forever grateful. Thank you. K

Meredith, I hope I wasn't coming across as  skeptical just really want to know that my Mom and brother are around me and my family. I guess I always thought that I could feel them if they were near and I haven't felt that but I am so out of tune lately anyway. I can't really relate to any of the images you got. The only thing maybe was the sewing machine. My brother's first wife (that he loved dearly) is the only one I know with a sewing machine. She did just walk away from their marriage. The rubbish image - .could this mean that everything his second wife said was rubbish? He went into the hospital with a nosebleed and never came out. I was with him when he died. I wonder if the choking you saw was his gasping for his last breaths. They put a tube down his throat for suction but it made him uncomfortable. Could you please ask my mom and my brother to tell you or show you the meaning of X? That will be my confirmation that they really are around me. - C

Follow up to above email

Meredith, That was pretty powerful (referring to the song that I attached for her, Halleulujah, which I heard playing in the background while I wrote to her.) My mom used to say that exact word often....I hear her loud and clear now. Thank you! I think the wedding picture that you got would be a symbol for LOVE, correct? I think it was my parents wedding picture that you were seeing because my Mom did have a silver wedding ring that was a bit odd...don't really remember exactly, but it was silver and different. X means I LOVE YOU in our family so what you got made sense. One other thought I had while trying to process what you got was my brother showing you his hands and putting them in water. When he was dying, I was holding his hand and noticed his fingernails were filthy, and my brother was a very clean person and very conscientious in his appearance, would carry cologne, deodorant and hair gel in the door of his car. When I saw his fingernails in the hospital, I thought to myself that his wife wasn't taking care of him like she claimed to be and that my brother would not want to be "caught dead" with dirty fingernails (I know this sounds awful) Maybe that was his way of showing me his hands are clean now? Thank you for helping me try and work through all of this. Blessings to you!, Peace and Love, C

Mer!!! I love the reading! It was so inspiring and just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much...ill keep you posted! T

wow Meredith!  that is absolutely amazing… spot on!!!!  thank you SOOOO much for that and I do need some time to integrate and process all that you wrote.  you really do have a  beautiful gift and I’m grateful for your words of encouragement.  i feel like I can’t thank you enough for helping me see once again all that I know is inside of me waiting to come out and shine (and you are right that i’m not quite ready….little bit more work)….blessings, H

Hey Mer, my frustrations feel long gone, much thanx to you!  I love the healing garden (CD) and go there every night before sleep!  There are not enough words to thank you. I got the new place, with only a few minor annoyances from my current landlords, but  YES, my name is clear!..  I feel great and so much more emotionally grounded, focused and healthy, couldn’t have done any of it without you!  With good thoughts, R

Thank you, Meredith for all the light, love and clarity you bring into the world. You make this world a better place to be. May all the love come back to you, B.

Dear Meredith.  Well I have chills.  And yes I just gave birth to a stillborn son two weeks ago.  And yes I do wait tables.  Just to mention a  couple of things you hit on the head.  Even though I am sobbing now, I feel so much better. I really felt a sense of peace when you picked up on my boy and said he is still with me.  I was almost eight months pregnant.  I held him.  He had my lips.  I was really worried and sad that he never knew how great my love was for him.  Thank you.  B.

same person, the next day)

Good morning!  I’m using an exclamation point because this is the first morning since I lost my boy that I feel hopeful.  Yes I’d be open to working more with you…. absolutely.  The butterflies reference makes me smile.  (My daughter) has two books that we read constantly and they are about butterflies.  I’m so thankful that I found you at this time.  My heart was hurting in a way I had never imagined I’d have to endure – B.

Wow Meredith…what an incredible reading… I’m so glad I reached out to you today.  Both approaches are so powerful!  I feel hopeful & energized…thank you, thank you, thank you.  I hope to touch base with you regularly.  A.

Meredith, that was incredible!  For real!  So much info and gives me hope I’m not alone. I know almost everything you refer to and feel so grateful it’s somehow acknowledged.  Thank you so much, P.

Meredith, Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.  It probably sounds really weird, but I woke up feeling great and craving water.  Almost like you awoken my desire to be balanced and healthy.  I would love the Healing Garden CD and am going to order the book you recommended that I read.  Maybe in a month if you don’t mind I can get another reading from you.  Again I really appreciate you and your time.  R.

Hey!  I just read the reading and it was perfect. . thank you so so much.  it explained a lot.  R.

Hi Meredith, yes!  (My grandfather) was bald…and had a great sense of humor! …and YES M is my husband, you also told me last time I was there for a reading that if/when we had this baby boy we would name him after my husband.  WOW…so much great information to process.  I also have to go through pics and find more of him…keep them around as a reminder that he is with me.  I stuffed his memory down for a very long time, almost ignored it.  I think it was way too painful for me to deal with.  Then I had the dream about him and now I can’t stop thinking about him and I feel like I am only now going through the grieving process 12 years later!  I want you thank you again for everything, you are awesome!  Thank you, E.

Dear Meredith, I am so happy to receive the reading this morning.  It has taken a lot of the stress and fears away, I’ve been living with for the past couple of weeks.  Yes it is unrealistic to imagine such a move would be totally problem free but I was compounding everything with my fears and becoming obsessed...  The reading has given me consolation.  I really appreciate it.  Wishing you a wonderful autumn, kindest regards, J.

Meredith, THANK YOU!  Your reading was right on..and what I needed to know.  You truly are amazing…. expect to hear from me again… I can feel in my bones that the time is almost upon us – it feels like a huge wave about to break.  I can be patient and continue to be the nurturing  queen/female he sees in me, since its in my nature anyways.  Thanks again… Namaste, M

Hi Meredith, thank you so much for the reading it was wonderful.  I have been having dreams of my grandfather lately I think he is the man that you saw watching over me, again thank you so much.  J.

Thank you Meredith.  (R) showed me her reading and as expected you were right on once again. I think you helped her a lot to accept that she has to make some sort of a decision.  She wants to return (home) in February and come back with a plan of action.  Knowing that you believe in my “energetic comeback” helps me to trust again.  I have never met you and yet you feel like such a loyal friend, I hope we’ll have a chance to meet in person one day.  If you don’t mind, I will spread the word a bit amongst my friends.  ONE LOVE, B.

Hi Meredith!  Just wanted to write back to you to let you know what an impact your reading had on me.  I began looking for my stepfather that you said was looking for me…  When I wasn’t getting anywhere I called my mother and asked for his birthdate.  My mother wanted to know why?  I told her that I wanted to find him and tell him that I am okay and that I forgave him.  That I didn’t want him suffering w guilt because I feel I am stronger from the experience of the abuse and self-healing.  My mother started crying (never cries, has never mentioned HIS name and doesn’t talk about “it”) and said that I had no idea how happy she was to hear those words.  She said that he (she actually said his name) called recently, after 35+ years, was asking about us.  Said he was sorry….that he was very sick back then, and wanted to leave us some money (everything you said was true.) My mother told him that I was angry w her (not true), he asked her why and she said because “I’m her mother and I was supposed to protect her and I didn’t.”  He said “I can understand that.” I then told her that I didn’t hold anger for her, only frustration in her inability to ever communicate about that.  That I loved her.  What a healing my Mom had (with those words)!! totally wild, Meredith, this all happened the day after your email to me.  I feel like a shift happened the day BEFORE the call to my mother.  The writing to you, the sending of my thoughts to you seemed to open up something in me that was closed, and then all the things that you wrote to me were absolutely true.   This has healed a part of me.  I don’t shake anymore w the thought of seeing this man, thank you.  I am even more ready to share my love with the world because of this experience. wow….  I just wanted to share this with you.  Lots of wonderful light and love to you. G.

Hi Meredith. You are right on target re everything.  (He) is burned out and needs time away but is determined to go full steam ahead – imagine a bull in a china shop regarding his approach…(long story about the details of her reading).   I am so very happy to have met  you and to have your guidance.  You are incredibly talented!!!!  Thank you Meredith!!  Lots of love and best wishes, V.

Hi, Meredith thank you so much for the reading it really does  touch base on a lot of gray areas in my life right now it gives me a clear understanding of things that are going on.  I really do appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.  I will try and keep in touch and soon have another reading, well again thank you, talk to you soon, J.

Hi Meredith.  wow that was reading was quite powerful!!  thank you so much.  J.

Meredith, I have felt for a few days that I need to let you know how much you are appreciated.  I’ve been through quite a few changes these last few years and you have always been a positive constant in my life.  Thank you, M.

Thanks, girl!!! You are the best. Maybe my life is finally going to pan out. Yay! K

Meredith...you are an amazing woman. The reading was more than okay. And more important it was right on. You picked up on the all the shifts that have happened in the last week or so...especailly his desire to change his work situation... he is seeing the light, so to speak, now. He also seems to feel more confident in himself and where he is going, even if he hasn't voiced the fu ture out loud or even consciously made the choice, I can feel the shift. ANd seriously, if you are interested in offering classes, I would be the first to sign up! I definitely thank whatever deity led me to find you - M.

Dear Mer, I really want to thank you for the reading you gave me. It's like a precious gift! I feel such a profound shift in my being since then. As for your Healing Garden CD, what a blessing! I fall asleep every night in my healing garden feeling so safe and protected, content and POSITIVE! I am so fortunate you shared your gift with me! I hope you are also blessed and surrounded by beauty and positiveness. Thanx a million! R.

Woa. …what you wrote made me weep and weep and I think I need still another day to process a little more….the maternal figure you saw is my grandmother from my dads side, the closest person in the world to me, she passed away a bit over 4 years ago, I was with her while she was dying, I miss her every single day and I talkto her and feel her all the time… the little girl with banana curls is me…there is a photo that was my grandmother’s favorite …with blond curls all over…and yes, (X) cut me to the core and shattered my head and heart.  I have a lot to think about right now, a lot to think about the things you wrote, you really nailed it with the chains and binding, I did work really hard to get where I am and now I need a change so bad it hurts…. I would love to be able to communicate with you more as I process it all a little more..i’ll keep you posted, thank you so much!  T.
Hey Meredith! Awesome reading as usual. And I love how my mom came through….I
know she is always around me, but it’s just nice to hear it be said (if that makes sense). Thanks chat soon.  Oh and I love your quotes from the Healing Garden FB page you have…very inspiring.  R.

Hello, I hope u are doing well! It was so good to meet you and thank u for all your help. Thank u so much. U were so right about my boyfriend. I really, really needed to hear what you said, and can't thank u enough.. I need to give him space and remember that he knows I love him and give him space and see what happens. S.

Hey Meredith, thanks so much for the reading, that is the best news ever!!!  I needed to hear everything that I have been through has led me to a place where I will find happiness and
contentment.  Thank you!  K.

Thanks. I thought the reading was great. I might need a day to process...thank you so much, I will be in touch soon - A.

 Hi Meredith.  I wanted to say how impressed I was with the online reading…I have never gone that route before..didn’t even really open myself to the idea it was possible..so thank you for that! I enjoyed the reading…very on-point with things I have been feeling for sure I’m feeling a little less cloudy and I am surrounding myself with red and paying more attention to my self worth..thank you… Do you mind if I pass your information on to some friends who may be in need of guidance? Much love and light, A
Thank you Meredith…You are a blessing I am sure to many…I feel it!!!  This was an amazing reading.  It does help clear up many things/directions for myself, my children and my relationship with M. You were so right with my ex and I do truly hope that the communication between us gets better for the sake of the kids. As for M, you were so right about him…I care the world for him, but also need someone to express their inner feelings and emotions outwardly.  Time will tell. Thanks again, C.
Thank you so much for your reading!  And just so you know (why a particular business
kept coming up) – I’ve worked there for years in the past and that’s where A and I MET!!!! LOL!!!! And are both 100% italian and love spagehetti. Another LOL. Xoxo D

Thank you. The experience ( hypnosis) was gentle and relaxing.  Even though I find it hard to relax, I immediately felt comfortable with you and was able to open up to the guided healing. After the session, I felt lighter, joyful and refreshed. I would recommend this to anyone who is open to changing his or her life for the better!   E

I wanted to thank you for the hypnosis…it’s AMAZING…my anxiety is GONE.  I don’t even know how much to thank you!!!  E

Thank you so much, Meredith.  You have helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. I really don’t know how to thank you enough.  I guess you are one of the great blessings in my life.  R

Hi Meredith, I had a great experience with the hypnosis on Thursday, thank you so much!! I have to say that I have felt great all weekend. Funny how you questioned me (before the session) about a memory where I felt good about myself, and I couldn't come up with any. The memory that came up in the session was not my imagination, but a realy memory...when I felt really good about myself. I had forgotten it. In my early 20's, I used alcohol to help me with social anxiety when I went to clubs/parties, but in the memory that came up in the session, I danced all night and fun talking to guys without drinking! That's why a water bottle showed up in the session! The past wekeend, after the session I have remembered a dozen other memories of when I felt good about myself, weird that I seemed to be blocking out all of those!! And when we went into the future and I saw my baby in the nursery, I said no name came to mind, but I heard the name Matthew...I told you that I did not get a name because there is a Matthew in the family, and I would never name my kid that. What do you think of that??? Thanks again - V

OMG that reading was amazing Meredith You hit everything right on.  Thanks for the insight on him and the situation.  It was much needed.  When you are in the situation it is so hard to see clearly.  Relationships are so tough! Love, M

Thank you Meredith sooooo much...I do really know what I have to do...it's just a matter of getting up the guts...the fear of what's to come or potential mistakes has me frozen! I hate that about myself.. Also funny that you got my mother (deceased) holding a white flag as to SURRENDER. I spent last weekend with a friend on the Cape, and she has Angel cards, and while there I pulled one and got the exact word! Surrender was the card and it had a little synopsis of what it meant... I know I just need to act from my heart as you've said. Thanks again for everything, you are fantastic! R

Thank you for your reading, you were reassuring yet insightful in ways I should have known myself...Thanks again, D

Found this story interesting. In an email reading for "C," whom I'd never met, I noted that she is meant to be a healer...that I see her "filled with compassion, kindness, but also heroic strength, gentleness....strength born of struggle", that I see her surrounded by babies, as though she is being called to get involved in the process of birth/life..even death..the cycles of life, based on tremendous inner changes..as though she is not the same person she was 5 years ago...that I see a bridge from heaven to earth...and an iris, which to me symbolizes communication beyond death...I wrote, "I am not an angel person per se, but I sense angels around you, trying to guide you in your work...you are being urged to become a channel for spirit, to communicate messages to people who are sick from those who have passed on...if you do not yet have this gift it will be given to you when you are eady. You already have this gift although you do not appear to be using it as your intuition is blocked by left-brained studies... I saw her as being in the midst of a major life cycle with fated changes...being guided to combine spirituality with her life work...saw her working with others, specifically children...helping them, uplifting them somehow. She wrote back, "That was an amazing reading. ..... The change you saw is in me becoming a nurse and helping others. This only occurred after undergoing a severe auto accident when I was under a lot of stress in my life with a very bad mentally abusive marriage and suffering severe anxiety. I passed out at the wheel and my car went into a retention pond, my 2 youngest daughters were pulled out right away but I was submerged under water for 7-10 inutes and declared dead. I was brought back to life and after a week of struggling and not expected to live, HERE I AM with no adverse effects! My 3 year old at the time (now 11 and the "troubled" daughter you saw) later asked me who the water angels were that she saw! My oldest child is a son... YES, that is my boy! My 16 year old daughter is just what you said, and would love to move as would I, my 11 year old could be the one who is lost and sad...we just started her in therapy...both her and I used to play with the easy bake oven that you saw, when we were very young...my 9 year old is also like you said, sweet, loving and full of energy like her mommy! And YES I would like to get married again...YES I do need my own space and DO own my own home and YES M and I do not live together....thanks so much... C.

First let me say that you have helped me immensely - my first reaction was more about me than you or your abilities - it was about me resisting the work ahead of me. I think I was hoping for something other than to be told I have more work to do. I have been working on myself for 30 years and sometimes feel like, "why can't I get it?" I am a Taurus and our first reaction sometimes is to resist. Like "oh no here I go again.' I get frustrated that it seems to easy for others and not for me. Your reading does get me. So I appreciate it. You are right I have to turn it around and appreciate everything more. Some of it totally resonated with me. You are right about the lower chakras; the man you described is the same man everybody describes, and yes, sometimes I feel like I am pouting or being guided by a child inside. Sounds like I have found a kindred spirit in you - M

Hi Meredith.  I just want to say Thank you so much for helping (name deleted). He really appreciated it.  At least he knows what he should do now.  I can see he is more calm and smiles now at work.  Thank you so much.  Best regards, F.

Wow, that is amazing! A lot of this definitely rings true. Funny that you mention needing to release past relationships as I have tried to do that (writing a letter but not mailing it) but don't think I have been able to truly get over it. Probably because I do not usually get closure as far as speaking my mind. I have also been working on mistaken beliefs, but I guess I need more work. I would love to come to the Healing Garden sometime to see you in person if that is okay. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the reading - V

Hi Meredith, sorry it took me awhile to respond. It blew me away when I read your messgae, you're right about everthing. I was married to a man that I knew since I was a cihld and he was the professional, intelligent one you speak of. We separated because he cheated on me and until that point we had only been with each other. It almost killed me. Still to this day I don't think I've fully gotten over the pain, but I don't dare talk about it. The other man would be the one I'm with now. He's more than confident and outgoing, which drew me to him. We have two beautiful girls together. We are going through the worst of our relationship right now. We go at it 24/7. I have so much anger built up from my childhood and so does he. We can't seem to communicate at all. I am striving for the feeling that I belong. I've been with my BF for 4 years now and I still feel alone. I cry every single day for him to just want me like I want him but I'm torturing myself because I can't MAKE someone love me. I don't want my children to grow up the way I did, but that isn't grounds to stay in a bad relationship. (long story about her situation)..thank you so much for your support, you have no idea how much it means to me, really. -  H

Meredith, thanks so much for all of your insight. I finally had time to digest my reading. The woman you picked up on is most certainly my grandmother, she never wore a pair of pants in her life, is from the old country, and was the most bohemian 90 year old I've ever met... The woman and man you felt around finances would be my father and stepmother..I'm weary of them.. believe they are money or image obsessed, don't dig the whole high society thing...thanks so much! Happy summer, A

Thank u Meredith, the reading was good, everything was on the $$.  Thanks so much, I’ll keep you posted, J

Hi Meredith, thank you so much for the reading. I am pleased and hopeful. Agan, thank you. Best Wishes, J

Meredith, this is great, and in some ways pretty amazing what you picked up on.  Thank you. I think I might be in contact again in a few months or so. The little girl you see around me affected me the most. I had a miscarraige five years ago and felt so strongly that was my little girl...  Thanks again.   You have a gift, that is for sure.  L

Meredith, what a relief, I feel a lot of emotions.  Thank you for your insights… .I feel so much gratitude towards you, it’s refreshingly exposing..I’m really still in awe….thank you, the reading really warmed my spirits, A

Wow!! Thanks for such a good reading…it gives me a lot of insight into my life right now.   It’s funny I had a feeling that I needed to let go of people in my life right now and just do my own thing and you confirmed that…I think I’m going to continue the job search and focus on what I want to do with my life and let the people who are meant to be in my life follow if it’s meant to be.  Wow!  Thanks so much again!! I’ll keep you posted.  E

WOW!  Thank you, Meredith. I am so impressed with your skills.   I think I prefer the email reading – it’s so much easier to go back and reflect.  I will definitely be in touch soon. V

Hi Meredith, I wanted to thank you for all the great work you have been doing with the family and friends I have been sending your way.  I’ve heard only awesome experiences. Peace, H.

All I can say is OMG…   How you hit this head-on was unbelievable..  I’ll re-read it later tonight – I know that I’ll have some questions… but on first read – WOW -!! - M

HONESTLY MEREDITH... I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW UNBELIEVABLY RIGHT YOU ARE ABOUT EVERYTHING.  I actually read your email and was crying cuz it's like the first time that things have made sense to me.  I mean you hit everything right on the nail... ….. THANKS SO MUCH THOUGH.. u have no idea how much sense it makes to read that and it feels so good to realize that you truly understand what im feeling... thanks again! L.

You are fantastic!  That reading was the best I have ever had!!!!  You hit on everything that I was looking to find out. K

Hi Meredith. THANKS! I thought you were amazing. I will definiteiy be coming back to see you. Thanks again!. K

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. You really hit the nail on the head with all of this. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. You are very good at what you do. M

Hi Meredith. I just wanted to thank you for seeing me last Saturday. Your insight and advice has given me better direction to aproach things for the future. You were right on the dot with (F), unfortunately things did not work out, sometimes it iis best for the both of us. I had the same intuition, but was always afraid to admit and face the truth, but I have moved on. Thank you again. I will talk to you soon." Regards, C.

You are soooooo awesome! I just have to say Meredith (not to sound so goofy ) but you are truly a gifted woman! I'm telling all my friends about you. You hit the nail exactly. I mean exactly on the head with my dilemma. I know there is way more awful drama in the world, I totally get that, but my situation does suck big time...but you have been helpful and totally amazing! You might become my total go-to girl. Thank you so much. You rule! R

Hi Meredith. (He) couldn't get over what you said. He just told me he couldn't believe some things you told him. THANKS! Love, T.

Hey Meredith,, thank you. I appreciate your honesty. I would much rather have you tell me the truth than lie to me. Looking forward to seeing you again, J.

Hey Meredith, I just read it (email reading). I am balling my eyes out. You are so good. You need to remember that!!!! Thank you - you made me feel as good as I possibly can right now. I am getting such a beating! It is so hard! THANKS, K

Thanks, Meredith, u rock!!!!! D.

Thanks Meredith, you were right! You said March. LOL! The ring is absolutely gorgeous! We are thinking next spring. So excited and happy! K

Hey Meredith :) Thank you so much! You reallly have helped me! I'll let you know how things turn out, thanks again! N

Your reading was very correct! Firstly, I found what you had to say about my love life very interesting. I am 22 and still not had a serious relationship. I have been thinking about what you said about me needing to believe I am WORTHY for a relationship…… It also was comforting to hear that you do see someone for me in the future though. I really do feel like I am missing a "piece of the puzzle…..(details omitted). T

Wow that's all so amazing. ….. you were really on point. I'm aware that I have to work at the bottom and I'm very impatient for results. I'm glad that in due time things will work out. Thank you very much for that reading. It really motivated me to do well and to get the ball rolling on my career. J

Hi Meredith. I asked you about my upcoming bankruptcy meeting in Boston in May, 2009. In response, I got from you that I have a good compass inside me, helping me- which I know, and am grateful for. You also got the image of the chalkboard being erased completely, which you took to mean “clean slate.” I was also warned that it wasn’t going to be easy. These were the key things I took from our meeting.  I had already been visualizing a clean slate, so therefore I was not too surprised with your images. I was confident in my paperwork because I did it myself and had plenty of time to arrive at my meeting early, so I was fully prepared. Or so I thought… I arrive in Boston with 2 hours to spare and a good parking spot…As far as I knew, I was sitting in the catbird seat. That is until I came across one word in my papers that froze me. Brockton. My meeting was at in Brockton MA- NOT Boston MA where I filed a month earlier and where I was currently sitting in shock. It was 1:56 and my appointment is at 2:00. Where the hell is Brockton?. If I don’t make it on time, my case will be thrown out…(deleted story about calling to move up the appt then rushing to get to Brockton in time…finding the place right in the nick of time....) Once again, you were right about everything. It wasn’t easy, but it happened. Everything got erased off the chalkboard and lastly, I wouldn’t have made it there if not for such a wonderful inner guidance. Blam! Done! E

(forwarded message). Please tell Meredith that I was able to listen to both of her Healing Garden meditation CDs and liked them both VERY MUCH! Very strange, though. Did I ever tell you about the out-of- body experience I had with (my deceased daughter). It was definitely more than a dream (long story about her experience). I remember waking in my bed still crying and knowing I had really been wtih her for a long time. But I knew she had told me many things, yet I culd not remember anything she had said. It was as if the knowledge was to comfort me, but I coudln't access it all in this lifetime. Wow! So these meditations brought me SO MUCH BACK to that time that I could feel the tears just streaming down my face as I had my eyes closed during the whole time. I did feel VERY PEAECFUL after I opened my eyes when the tapes ended. So thank Meredith so very much for the gift of the CDs. G.

HI Meredith! Thanks for the Healing Garden Guided Journey CD. I have been enjoying listening to it. I listen to it going to bed and again when I wake up. I LOVE IT. Thank you so much. P.

(after distance healing)
What a wonderful experience that was. The first few seconds, I found myself very "weepy" as I was feeling my father and grandmother around me. I began to cry, but then moved past it. I felt warmth in many different areas. The one that was very apparent was in my throat. You did not know this, but I developed an oral thrush infection in the hospital due to heavy use of antibiotics. My body didn't adjust well to this medicine and resulted in the thrush. It gives me a very sore throat, and mouth. I felt a great deal of warmth there. Interesting, don't you think (based on what was “seen” in the area, and relayed). I did also feel warm in my knee and left foot. The whole experience was extremely soothing and I want to thank you for bringing it to me. I can see you are a special person, thank you again. D

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